The Secret Amsterdam Guide To De Pijp: Where To Eat Visit And Drink

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The Secret Amsterdam Guide To De Pijp: Where To Eat Visit And Drink

How to have the best day in De Pijp.

De Pijp is one of the most vibrant and exciting areas of Amsterdam. With its charming narrow streets and diverse population, it’s a place that has something for everyone, and we love it. De Pijp is located by the popular area of Jordaan, and is much of the area was built in the 19th century to house labourers, but since then house prices have skyrocketed and many celebrities have their homes here now.

The area is also known as Amsterdam’s Latin Quarter, a reference to its high population of university students because Latin was once spoken at universities and there are still lots of students living here. This is in part because it’s so easy to get to, with tram lines 3, 4, 12,16, 24 and 25 all passing through De Pijp, and the area can be busy, but it has a more laid-back feel than some of the more central, touristy areas.

You can buy, eat and drink just about anything in De Pijp, due to its gloriously multicultural population. So, one minute you might be buying Turkish peppers at Albert Cuypmarkt and the next you could be eating sushi or Indonesian food. Here are our favourite places to eat, visit and drink in De Pijp:

Top 5 places to eat

1. Dope

📍Eerste van der Helststraat 65-53, 1073 AD

Dope serves the most fantastic pizza. It’s proper, homemade, tasty fare and if you’re vegan or vegetarian then you’re going to love the selection of plant-based pizzas they serve. You can also _[OTHR]_[TRIPADVISOR]_PERFDIS_4299248″]order Dope to your house if you want to try a slice of De Pijp from your own sofa, and you can read more about Dope on the Facebook page.

2. Dutch Pancake House Candela

📍Bilderdijkstraat 61, 1053 KL

Everyone loves Dutch pancakes because, let’s face it, they’re addictive. If you want something sweet in De Pijp then you can head down to Dutch Pancake House Candela and stuff your face with a variety of lovely Dutch pancakes. What could be better than that? There’s also a chocolate shop attached to the pancake house, serving tasty things to bring home with you. Visit the website to read the menu.

3. Esther’s Cookery

📍Gerard Doustraat 46, 1072 VT
Esther’s Cookery serves tasty, plant-based, kosher food with influences from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and the Netherlands too. It’s good, hearty food – the kind that tastes great and indlugent but leaves you feeling proud of having eated so many healthy things on one plate. You can read more about the business on the website.

4. Hearth

📍Albert Cuypstraat 208 H, 1073 BM
Hearth is another amazing veggie food spot in De Pijp and dining here and it’s not just the food that’s great here. The whole restaurant is decorated so beautifully, it’s like an urban oasis. The food here is full of lovely flavour surprises and it never gets boring so you can come back again and again. You can view their current menu on the website.

5. Sir Hummus

📍Van der Helstplein 2, 1072 PH Amsterdam, Netherlands
Here at Secret Amsterdam, we love falafel, and there are plenty of fantastic places in Amsterdam to find delicious falafel. However, one of our favourite falafel spots has to be Sir Hummus. They serve some of the tastiest hummus in Amsterdam, alongside beautiful, homemade falafel and sabich (aubergine, potato and egg in a pita bread). Check out the website to see what they’re currently serving.

Top 5 places to visit

1. Albert Cuyp Market

📍Albert Cuypstraat, 1073BD

As Europe’s largest daily market, this one had to feature on our list. it has 260 stalls, from delicious food stalls to bric-a-brac, there’s plenty to browse through and lots of lovely stall holders to speak to who will share their knowledge of the products with you.

2. Kinderboerderij de Pijp

📍 Lizzy Ansinghstraat 82, 1072 RD

Kinderboerderij de Pijp is one of the only petting zoos in the city, and we love it! Here you can snuggle with some farmyard animals and observe them all being adorable. They’re closed to visitors because of the pandemic but we’re hoping that they’ll reopen soon so we can catch up on some well-needed animal therapy. You can read about the animals that live here on the website (and we would highly recommend it if you need a mood-booster).


3. Sarphatipark

Sarphatipark is named after Jewish doctor Samuel Sarphati who gave so much who, in his day gave 100% to De Pijp, trying to make the area a more pleasant place for residents to live. A stunning monument was erected in the 19th century of Samuel Sarphati in Sarphatipark. During World War 2, the Nazis had his monument removed because of his faith and percieved ethnic background. However, just 12 days after Amsterdam was liberated from the Nazis the people of Amsterdam put his monument back in its rightful place – Sarphatipark, where you can now see it standing proudly.

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4. Rialto

Rialto is unfortunately closed at the moment due to the pandemic, but when it re-opens you can bet we’ll be the first butts in those cinema seats. At Rialto, you can see the coolest and most fascinating international films, and this cinema has the friendliest atmosphere. Check out the website to see what they’re showing, once they reopen.

5. Huis met de Kabouters


📍Ceintuurbaan 251, 1074 XTIf you make your way to Ceintuurbaan 251 and look up you’ll see two fantastic little green goblins sitting on the gables of the house. They appear to be passing a ball back and forth and they’ve made their way into local legend – on February 29 every four years (on leap years), the ball apparently changes hands.

Top 3 places to drink

1. Brouwerij Troost

📍Cornelis Troostplein 21, 1072 JJ

This gorgeous brewery is located within an old monastery and they’re constantly brewing new and intriguing beers, to the delight of their customers. Plus, if you get a bit peckish drinking all that beer, they’re now serving pizzas! You can book a table on the website.

2. Tapmarin

📍Van Woustraat 130, 1073 LT

Tampmarin has been in Amsterdam for 49 years now, and it really is a fantastic place to spend the evening. They play live sports on the TV and post-pandemic you could pay to access the taps yourself and pull your own pint, although we’re not sure they’ll be letting people rubs their hands all over the taps at the moment. There is a darts board though, and that’s always a plus for us! Check out the website to read more about Tapmarin.

3. Cafe Sweelinck

📍Eerste Sweelinckstraat 11, 1073CK

Cafe Sweelinck is just one of those places that feels like home. You can sit in a comfy seat and enjoy a lovely refreshing beer at the end of your day spent exploring De Pijp and really relax here. It’s never so busy that you have to squeeze past anybody to get through the door, and the staff are super friendly. You can read more about this charming place on the website.

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