9 Heated Terraces In Amsterdam To Keep You Toasty This Autumn

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9 Heated Terraces In Amsterdam To Keep You Toasty This Autumn

Perfect for escaping the Dutch weather.

We all know that in Amsterdam that any sun often comes with a downpour of rain, or a gale of wind, which threatens to ruin your lovely brunch on the terrace. However, there are plenty of places in Amsterdam to enjoy your beer in peace, with heaters to keep you toasty and either parasols or covered areas to stop you from getting wet. Here are our absolute favourite places to stay dry and warm on the terraces of Amsterdam. [Featured photos:@louielouie.nl/@morganandmees]

1. Bar Botanique

šŸ“Eerste van Swindenstraat 581, 1093 LCM

This gorgeous, green oasis of tropical colours is the perfect place to drink a cold beer and pretend you’re somewhere warm. Not only do they have a lovely, heated terrace, but their food is also delicious. We recommend trying the tasty pizzas with one of their amazing cocktails, or perhaps something alcohol-free like the lemon and lavender soda. You can book a table on the website.

2. Meneer Nieges

šŸ“Westerdoksdijk 40H, 1013 AE

Meneer Nieges serves good, hearty food on their lovely, heated terrace. Really, what more could you want? Plus, they have a fantastic selection of wine to pair that tasty food with. You can book a table on the website.

3. Morgan & Mees

šŸ“Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 2-6, 1052 LC

This comfy hotel just outside of Jordaan has a lovely bar, with plenty of tasty food to munch on and delicious drinks to sip. It also has a heated terrace, so that you can stay out longer and enjoy the lovely (unpredictable) Amsterdam weather. You can book a table on the website.

4. De Biertuin (Amsterdam East location)

šŸ“Linnaeusstraat 29, 1093 EE

De Biertuin has 3 different locations around Amsterdam, and they’re all worth visiting, but the only one with a terrace is their Amsterdam East location. If you’re a fan of rotisserie chicken, craft beer, and heated terraces then this place is for you. No matter the weather, De Biertuin is a failsafe place to enjoy the great outdoors without getting too cold or wet. You can book a table on the website.

5. Waterkant


šŸ“Marnixstraat 246, 1016 TL

Waterkant has such a brilliant vibe, inspired by De Waterkant in Suriname, South America, which means that their kitchens are full of the most delicious ingredients, perfect for eating on a beautiful day overlooking the water. You can book a table on the website.

6. Hoogendam

šŸ“Westerdoksplein 10, 1013AZ

This fabulous, eco-friendly eatery is perfect for soaking in some vitamin D on a rainy day. They serve street food from around the world and there’s a large, heated terrace outside for those chillier days in Amsterdam (most days). You can book a table on their website.

7. Bar Mash

This little gem is located in De Pijp, and they serve really tasty Thai food. There’s a heated terrace but they’re not taking reservations, so you’ll just have to turn up and cross your fingers that you get a seat, here. Check out the website to read the menu.

8. Louie Louie

šŸ“Linnaeusstraat 11A, 1093 EC

At Louie Louie, you can enjoy some tasty food inspired by South American cuisine – we’re talking ceviche and sangria. You can also completely shield yourself from rubbish weather here because their terrace is heated and covered. You can book a table on the website.

9. Cafe Bloemers

šŸ“Hemonystraat 70, 1074 BT

Cafe Bloemers has been feeding the people of Amsterdam for a long time now and their lovely heated terrace is perfect for autumn. Check out their Facebook page for more details – it’s a great place to enjoy yourself and stay warm at the same time.

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