Discover Stunning Mediterranean Food And A Secret Speakeasy In De Pijp’s New Foodie Spot • Rocca

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Discover Stunning Mediterranean Food And A Secret Speakeasy In De Pijp’s New Foodie Spot • Rocca

Dreaming of the Med?

If you’re looking for some Mediterranean-style luxury, this new restaurant in De Pijp is perfect, and we’ll tell you why! One step inside and you’ll see what we mean when we say it’s stunning. Plush sofas and comfy chairs, gorgeous tiled tables and plenty of lush plants set the scene for a delicious meal, and that’s just the restaurant.

Downstairs there’s a secret (okay, not so secret) speakeasy-style bar. Here you can find the same luxurious decor, with beautiful tiles behind the bar that instantly make you feel like you’re in the Med. Fans of fantasy will love the themed cocktails, based around three mythical creatures of the sea – sirens, nymphs, and mermaids. Each category of cocktail has a certain personality. For example, if you order a cocktail from the mermaid section then you’re going to get something less alcoholic.

Photo: Rocca-Amsterdam.nl

Cocktails in the nymph category have a bit more of a kick to them, and you’d better be brave if you’re going to order from the siren section. Here you can find the strongest cocktails, such as the ‘Mudskipper’, containing Nuestra Soledad, Grand Marnier, cacao, aromatic bitters, and Tanduay, which really says hello to the tastebuds.

If you fancy a nibble whilst you’re drinking – and that is the Mediterannean way, after all – you can order loads of tasty little dishes from the bar menu. There are classics like cod croquetas and salted almonds, and if you get hungry then you can always book a table at the restaurant where you can really tuck into some Mediterranean comfort food.


Photo: Rocca-Amsterdam.nl

It goes without saying that there’s plenty of seafood on the menu, and on Sundays, you can even order oysters for €1 each, which is incredible if you’re a fan of shellfish. What’s also incredible is the restaurant’s fresh take on Mediterranean food. We all know that the secret to cooking tasty Mediterannean food is quality produce cooked to perfection, and this place really delivers that foodie dream.

From yellowfin tuna to Piri-Piri chicken, the menu is enough to make you salivate. There are twists on classics and then there are tried and tested delights such as prawns cooked in garlic with allioli, and creamy burrata mozzarella with basil pesto, almonds, and cherry tomatoes. If you want a taste of Rocca, you need to book a table via the website, and you can find this lovely restaurant at Ferdinand Bolstraat 26, 1072 LK.

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