Devour Delicious Tacos At This Super Instagrammable Mexican Restaurant • Local Dealer

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Devour Delicious Tacos At This Super Instagrammable Mexican Restaurant • Local Dealer

Could this place be any more colourful?

One step inside Local Dealer in Dappermarket, Amsterdam East, and we can almost guarentee you’ll have your phone out taking photos. This place is seriously beautiful, with a kind of ’80s Miami vibe and a whole host of eye-catching cocktails.

Neon signs highlight gorgeous, vivid walls painted in bright cheery colours, and food is pretty colourful too! When you think about the perfect taco it has to have a bit of spice, but most importantly it has to taste fresh. In other words, the filling should be as bright and colourful as the walls, and although that’s a steep task, they’ve definitely met it.

Obviously, you’re going to want lovely corn tortillas because they bring that subtle smokey taste to the dish and hold up way better than those flimsy flour tortillas you get elsewhere. Then you can opt for a variety of fillings, including lamb, chicken or even a vegan option. If you opt for veggie flavours then the pickled pineapple is always a good flavour to try because it brings such a lovely fresh tang to the taco.


Whilst you’re eating, you can sip on one of the delicious cocktails on offer, like the Oaxaca Old Fashioned. This delicious concoction contains mezcal, agave syrup and angostura bitters – a combination made in heaven. If you liked the pickled pineapple then you could always try the Tepache drink, which is fermented pineapple.

Whatever you choose, there’s always something interesting and new to try, and there’s such a lovely, convivial atmosphere here that’s about as bright as the decor. You can find Local Dealer at Dapperplein 23, 1093 GP, and you can book a table via the website, or even order takeaway!

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