10 Exciting Things To Do On A Rainy Weekend In Amsterdam

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10 Exciting Things To Do On A Rainy Weekend In Amsterdam

Even when it’s pouring down, there’s plenty you can do.

When the weekend is set to be soggy, lots of people scrap their plans and end up sitting inside, bingeing on TV and eating chips. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it sounds like a pretty good weekend to us. However, when you’ve had a difficult week at work sometimes you want to make the most of the precious time you have free, and whether you want to blow off steam or do something relaxing, there’s something for you on this rainy day list.

1. Go fruit picking at Van Reeuwijk Fruit & Flowers

Photo: Unplash

We know, this sounds like the strangest suggestion given that fruit and flower farms tend to be outside, but hear us out! Whilst a lot of the fruit you can pick here is exposed to the elements, the cherries and strawberries are covered. So, although we’d advise wearing wellies to pick the fruit, you can enjoy the outdoors here, eat some delicious fruit and stay dry at the same time. Perfect!

2. Book a chocolate tasting session at Cocoamuseum


You can stuff your face with chocolate bonbons at the Cocoamuseum in Amsterdam whilst a chocolate expert tells you all about the flavours and how they’re made. It’s a fantastic rainy day activity because not only do you get to stay dry, you also get to eat a much chocolate as you’d like!

3. Visit a covered, heated terrace

Amsterdam businesses are used to the unpredictable weather here – one minute it’s sunny and the next it’s soggy. So, there are plenty of places where you can still enjoy a drink or some food outside, even on a wet day in the city. Check out our list of heated terraces in Amsterdam for inspiration.

4. Visit the cats at De Poezenboot

This amazing, floating cat sanctuary re-opens to visitors on Friday, July 9. You need to book a spot via the website if you’re planning on visiting because they are not accepting walk-ins at the moment. The rain is the perfect excuse to slot some animal time into your weekend, and we can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy afternoon.


5. Binge on chocolate at Tony’s Chocoloney’s Chocolate Bar

Photo: © Presstigieux

We’re not even joking when we say they have chocolate (literally) on tap here! If you can’t get enough of the sweet stuff then this restaurant is for you, with plenty of sweet treats to munch on, including a sweet burger made with brioche, cookies, and marshmallows.

6. Stroll around De Hortus Botanicus 


Although most of De Hortus Botanicus is open to the elements, the greenhouse isn’t, and it’s recently re-opened to visitors. It’s Summertime and we’d all rather be spending time outside amongst lovely foliage than sat inside, but here you get the best of both worlds. You can book tickets to visit on the website.

7. Visit the Youseum

Photo:@youseum.ams/ Facebook

If you’re a selfie addict then this is a place that’s definitely worth seeing. Even if you’re not a selfie addict, it’s a great place to entertain yourself for a few hours and take some phenomenal photos. This social media museum is really an art gallery, with one key difference. You are the artwork at Youseum, posing however you want in their amazing themed rooms.

8. Visit Moco Museum 

Photo: mocomuseum.com

Moco Museum is packed to the brim with through-provoking artwork and filled with amazing decorative features. Instagrammers flock here to marvel at the amazing artwork and take selfies in otherworldly surroundings. The permanent exhibitions are absolutely phenomenal, including works from world-famous artists Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, amongst many other amazing artists’ work.

9. Cuddle cats at the Katten Kabinet


The Katten Kabinet is literally just rooms and rooms filled with paintings of cats, and who doesn’t like cats? It’s also really elegant and furnished beautifully so if you want to look fancy in your photos, this is the place to take them. Oh, and there are real-life cats everywhere too. It’s just reopened and you can book a ticket via the website.

10. Eat vegan food in a greenhouse

Photo: Mediamatic Eten/ Instagram

At Mediamatic Eten you can enjoy some tasty vegan food from within your own private greenhouse, whilst the rain falls around you. It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to eat at a restaurant but you’re looking to screen yourself from others due to the pandemic.

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