The Instagrammable Museum Displaying Banksy And Warhol • Moco Museum

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The Instagrammable Museum Displaying Banksy And Warhol • Moco Museum

Moco Museum has been an absolute hit with Amsterdammers.

Tourists and residents alike adore Moco Museum – one of Amsterdam’s newest museums. It is packed to the brim with through-provoking artwork and filled with amazing decorative features. Instagrammers flock here to marvel at the amazing artwork and take selfies in otherworldly surroundings. The permanent exhibitions are absolutely phenomenal, including works from world-famous artists Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, amongst many other amazing artists’ work. [Featured image: mocomuseum.com]

The Moco Museum also has regular, temporary installations, which are just mindblowing in their creativity. This month, artwork by THE KID is on display and the artwork is so intricate and detailed that it is hard to believe it was painted and not photographed. THE KID has chosen to focus here on the social issues currently shaking up America, with the title The Future Is Old, highlighting the need for change in society. The flaws of society peek through. Figures sit atop American flags they are also bruised and forlorn. We are so lucky to have access to this amazing artwork this month and it is definitely one not to miss.

Another collection that you simply have to see is Banksy’s Laugh Now, where you can see an amazing array of this British icon’s work. One piece, Beanfield, has not been displayed anywhere since 2009 but you can see it in Amsterdam’s Moco!


The mindblowing Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism, by Studio Irma, is mesmerizing. The installation uses light to create a beautiful display and inspire hope in the possibility of a brighter future. A matrix of diamonds surrounds visitors, enveloping them and taking them to another world, full of kaleidoscopic light. If you’d rather see the Moco from home, you can also view some of the artwork via video on the website.

You can book tickets to visit the Moco Museum on their website. As long as we all adhere to social distancing guidelines, we can all enjoy the culture of Amsterdam again. Museums, galleries, and libraries are open once more!

Moco Museum

Open Mon-Thurs 9am-6pm and Fri to Sun 9am-8pm
Adults: €19.50
Students: €16.50

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