The Social Media Museum Where You Are The Artwork • Youseum

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The Social Media Museum Where You Are The Artwork • Youseum

Sick of taking unsatisfactory selfies? Well, there’s a place in Amsterdam designed for that kind of thing.

Youseum has been around in Amsterdam for a year already and it’s only improved since then. If you’re a selfie addict then this is a place that’s definitely worth seeing. Even if you’re not a selfie addict, it’s a great place to entertain yourself for a few hours and take some phenomenal photos. [Photo:@youseum.ams, Facebook]

This social media museum is really an art gallery, with one key difference. You are the artwork at Youseum, posing however you want in their amazing themed rooms. Each room is different and each is just as bright and striking as the last. Want to lie in a pile of cash and snap some photos so you can look like you’re literally ‘rolling in cash’? Youseum’s got you covered.

There’s even a ‘catfluencer’ room, where you can pose with your feline friend and rack up the likes on Instagram. After that why not play around on a swing in a ball pool? These kinds of things just can’t be created at home without making an ungodly amount of mess in your living room.


To top it all off nicely, Youseum is currently offering 50% off its entrance fee for Black Friday so you can enjoy a day of fun with your friends and not break the bank. You don’t have to be social media mad to visit, it’s always fun to play in a ball pool! You can buy tickets on the Youseum website.

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