Amsterdam Life

These Dazzling Neon Lights In Amsterdam Create An Otherworldly Glow

By Katherine Notman

Amazing neon lights abound in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam has to be one of the most vibrant cities on Earth but at the moment the streets are pretty empty. It’s one of those cities that is usually open for business 24/7 and anyone who’s explored the streets at night will have noticed the vivid neon signs that reflect so beautifully in the puddles and canals. They’re so reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, or this year’s sell-out game Cyberpunk 2077. Whilst we’re all sitting at home, dreaming of exciting nights out in Amsterdam, these neon lights will be sure to bring back those memories and serve as a reminder of how much style our city has.

1. City lights casting a rainbow on the cobblestones

2. Amsterdam, magnified! 3. The Grasshopper, looking pretty

4. Remember these butterflies?

5. De Wallen, with the usual red glow

6. So many lights!


7. An amazing purple glow

8. Smokey coffeeshop may be the brightest place in town

9. Amsterdam looking otherworldly

10. All lit up like a Christmas tree

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