Just 5 Of The Reasons Why We Love Amsterdam

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Just 5 Of The Reasons Why We Love Amsterdam

There’s nowhere else quite like lovely Amsterdam.

Ordinarily, Amsterdam is heaving with tourists and there are so many reasons why this is the case. People love Amsterdam and nowhere in the world quite compares. Groundbreaking laws on the sale of marijuana and on sex work do drive a lot of tourism, but people also fall in love with Amsterdam for different reasons. Here are just 5 of the things that make Amsterdam so unique and amazing.

1. Bees are not in decline here

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The world’s bee population is in decline, and it’s very sad. However, Amsterdam seems to have the situation sussed because wild bee and honeybee populations have increased by 45% in Amsterdam since 2000. Amsterdam’s approach includes the introduction of ‘insect hotels’. Greenery has been allowed to overgrow, giving the bees a place to feed and thrive. it’s a great example to the rest of the world.

2. Amsterdam celebrates its multiculturalism

Amsterdam is home to over 180 nationalities and the city celebrates its diversity in all sorts of ways. Although most Amsterdammers speak English and this acts as somewhat of a common language, Amsterdam offers free Dutch classes to residents. Cultural events also celebrate multiculturalism. Most notably, the Kwaku Festival celebrates Surinamese and Caribbean cultures, and Amsterdammers of all backgrounds and nationalities come to celebrate.


3. 63% of Amsterdammers cycle daily

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To Amsterdammers, the constant stream of cyclists in the city is normal, but to visitors it’s astounding. Dodging bicycles is an art form that Amsterdammers have perfected. 63% of Amsterdammers cycle every day, which is good news for the environment and for the population’s health. Amsterdam is the bicycle city of the world, and that can only ever be a good thing when the infrastructure to enable cycling in the city is there.

4. The houses on the canal front are intentionally narrow

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The architecture of Amsterdam is absolutely unique and incredibly beautiful. Many of Amsterdam’s houses are built on planks of wood, some of which date back centuries. Moreover, the narrowest house in all of Amsterdam (Oude Hougestrat 22) is just 2 metres wide, and these iconic buildings are like that for a reason. These canal-side houses used to be taxed according to their width, which is why they were built in such an unusual way.

5. Best Cities Website Ranks Amsterdam As One Of The Best Cities In The World

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Amsterdam has reached 17th place in the Best Cities Website, putting it before a lot of neighbouring capitals like London, Dublin and even huge cities like Beijing. Whilst it’s not number one on the list, Amsterdam will always be number one to us.

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