Amsterdam’s New Italian Restaurant Is Dripping In Decadent Decor β€’ Lolo

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Amsterdam’s New Italian Restaurant Is Dripping In Decadent Decor β€’ Lolo

It’s like a foodie Instagrammer’s dream.

πŸ“ Oudekerksplein 48, 1012 GZ

In Amsterdam, we gobble down Italian food gleefully. From pizza to pasta and saltimbocca, we’re here for it, and we can’t get enough of it. So, when we learned that an amazing new Italian restaurant named Lolo had just opened in the city, we had to tell you about it.

The restaurant’s owner and namesake is a fabulous Italian lady named… you guessed it… Lolo! She was born in Napoli, and it’s her mission to introduce Amsterdam to the Italian osteria. Osterias serve belly-filling portions of delicious Italian food without the expensive price tag usually associated with fancy restaurants.

It’s been ready to open for a while now, but the pandemic has caused disruption to loads of businesses that were hoping to open their doors last year. So we might see a boom in new places opening in the next few months, as restrictions ease, and we’re more than looking forward to it!


This lavishly decorated space is the perfect environment in which to really let your hair down and enjoy some Italian flavours. The aesthetic is reminiscent of an old Italian villa in some respects, with deep-red curtains hung over the bar, creating a luxurious atmosphere straight off the bat.

However, there’s also a sleek modernity to it which reminds us of days spent wandering around Milan amongst effortlessly fashionable Italians. This restaurant is certainly bold, and it’s sure to be all over Instagram anytime soon, but not just because of the decor.

It’s not just the standard pizza and pasta on offer at Lolo, there’s a huge menu to choose from, including vegan dishes. Plus, there are more cocktails on the menu than there are dishes to choose from! That’s our kinda place! From spritzers to Italian Stallions, your throat will never be dry at Lolo, and you can read the full menu on the website.

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