5 Indonesian Restaurants Serving Tasty Takeaway In Amsterdam

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5 Indonesian Restaurants Serving Tasty Takeaway In Amsterdam

Get your fix of Indonesian food.

People who are not from Amsterdam are often surprised by the quantity and quality of our Indonesian restaurants. Indonesian food is not so easy to find in most European countries, which is a shame because we all know how delicious it is! It’s so popular in the Netherlands because for 350 years the Dutch were the largest colonial power in the Indonesian archipelago, and this gave Dutch people a taste for Indonesian food With options like shareable rice tables (lots of little dishes with rice), it’s a great option for family meals and special occasions, but it’s perfectly possible to gobble a rice table to oneself if you have the inclination (sounds good to us). [Photo: @mamamakan] 

1. Blauw

📍Amstelveenseweg 158-160, 1075 XN

Blauw is one of Amsterdam’s staple Indonesian spots, having been around for years and years, serving consistently delicious food. Ordinarily, the rijsttafel (rice table) is served in little boat-shaped dishes, but we will have to wait until the restaurant re-opens properly to marvel at that again. The food is amazing, and there are plenty of vegetarian/vegan options to choose from, which is always great. Plus, there are some really delicious desserts like pandan cake. If you’ve never tried a pandan-flavored dessert, you should definitely give it a go – your tastebuds will thank you. You can order through Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats, but you can also see the menu on the restaurant’s website.

2. Ron Gastrobar

📍Sophialaan 55, 1075 BP

📍Kerkstraat 23, 1017 GA

This Michelin-star restaurant offers tasty takeaway that you can just shove in the oven at home once it’s been delivered. Boxes come with instructions so that you can easily figure out how to put together these make-away-style meals.

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3. Sampurna


📍Singel 498, 1017 AX

Sampurna is another restaurant that has been in business for a long time, so you can trust them to deliver you something consistent. The restaurant is often packed with tourists because of its central location, but at the moment you can order their lovely food from the website and there are loads of dishes to choose from, including veggie/vegan options.

4. MAX

📍Herenstraat 14, 1015 CA

MAX offers a two-course meal for €25, including loads of tasty dishes like shrimp in red curry sauce and Javanese satay. It’s well worth ordering and you get a lot of food for your money. Check out the website for more information and to read the menu.

Read more about MAX here. 

5. Mama Makan

📍Spinozastraat 61, 1018 HJ

If you’re going to order from Mama Makan, you should definitely try the rijsttafel (rice table). It costs €25 per person and includes loads of interesting dishes, like ikan pesmol, which is a comprised of cod, coconut, cucumber, cauliflower and bumbu (an invigorating mix of spices). Head to the website to see the menu and order.

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