This Indonesian Restaurant Has The Perfect Valentine’s Day Takeaway • MAX

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

This Indonesian Restaurant Has The Perfect Valentine’s Day Takeaway • MAX

Because good food is the best way to celebrate any event.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and between the lockdown and the curfew, the usual romantic restaurant meal will have to be enjoyed at home this year. However, if you’re going to order a takeaway for Valentine’s Day then it needs to be perfect – nobody wants to wait around for sub-par food, but if you opt for a takeaway from MAX you won’t be disappointed. MAX is all about fresh, bold, Indonesian flavours and the food is phenomenal.

Last year MAX offered a Valentine’s Day menu and people loved it, but this year it’s going to be even better. From 12-14 February, you can order a 5-course takeaway Valentine’s Day ‘Indo Fusion’ menu from their already extensive takeaway menu. To keep everything fresh and to save you waiting for takeaway to arrive, the food needs to be heated at home, but it’s an incredibly easy process.


Included are 5 delicious courses, starting with cherry and wood-aged feta in a deliciously spicy, coconutty salad and it sounds amazing. Then there’s an oriental pea soup with braised beef, followed by three more courses including ingredients like tasty fresh prawns and a lovely spiced Rendang curry. To finish there’s spekkoek, which is about as Indo-Dutch as food gets, and truly very tasty. You can check out MAX’s fantastic takeaway menu on their website, and order your Valentine’s takeaway on the site too, which costs €75 for two people.

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