5 Michelin Star Restaurants In Amsterdam With Gourmet Takeaway

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5 Michelin Star Restaurants In Amsterdam With Gourmet Takeaway

Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Being stuck inside the house all day is a bit rubbish, isn’t it? However, there are still plenty of things we can do to make an evening special. Amsterdam has tons of amazing Michelin star restaurants, serving the most delicious food in the city and you know it’s good because The Michelin Guide runs a tight ship. [Photos: @RIJKS.restaurant]

1. Ron Gastrobar

Does Michel Star Indonesian food sound good? Then Ron Gastrobar is for you! Their ‘rice table’ and nasi rames takeaway boxes come highly recommended.

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2. Yamazato

Yamazato Restaurant is the pearl of Okura hotel and they serve the fanciest, most delicious sushi. They’re also masters when it comes to dessert their macaroons look mouth-wateringly good.  You can order a four-course Michelin star meal from the website.

3. Sinne


Restaurant Sinne specialises in French and Mediterranean food, and it tastes amazing. At the moment, they’re offering two takeaway options – meaty and veggie. The meat version includes cured salmon (gravad lax), braised short ribs, and then a rhubarb-based dish for dessert. The veggie option sounds even more delicious: roasted eggplant with miso, pumpkin ravioli, and the same, rhubarb dessert. However, their takeaway menu changes weekly and you can follow it on the website.


It’s no secret that the Rijksmuseum has one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, and this world-class restaurant is also offering takeaway! You can order a 4-course menu, or go for gold and order the 6-course menu. There’s also a 4-course vegan menu on offer and they are all ‘make-away’ rather than take-away, meaning that they do require some cooking at home.Check out their website to order.

5. Restaurant 212

Restaurant 212 prides itself on serving unpretentious yet impressive food to its customers. The flavours are clean, often comfortingly familiar and sumptuously rich. From here, you can either order delicious boxes filled with meat-based or veggie dishes, or you can order a la carte. How about steak tartar with oyster creme? Or pate en croute? Their caneles with comte sounds absolutely delicious. You can order on their website.

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