You Can Order Beautiful Chocolate Covered Strawberries To Your House • Polaberry

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You Can Order Beautiful Chocolate Covered Strawberries To Your House • Polaberry

Go on, indulge yourself!

At Polaberry Amsterdam everything is a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds! It has to be one of the most instagrammable places in Amsterdam, with a soft, pastel pink aesthetic and patisserie just as delicate as the decor. Amsterdammers have been falling in love with this place since it first opened and now you have your Polaberry treats delivered right to your door. However, there is so much to choose from that you might end up just eating it all. Save some for us! [Photos: @polaberryamsterdam]

Their chocolate-covered strawberries are to die for. You can order them in an array of different colours and styles and they make the perfect birthday present. Plus, most of it is strawberry so you can definitely count it as part of your daily fruit and veg intake, we reckon.

You can also buy the cutest bouquets, comprised of the signature chocolate-covered strawberries, delicious macarons and fresh flowers. If there’s one way to make someone feel special then it’s buying them an edible bouquet, for sure. Though we wouldn’t advise eating the flowers, however pretty they are!


Their unicorn popsicles might be even more adorable than the strawberries. They’re dipped in chocolate and decorated with amazing little edible decorations to create something that is as cute as it is delicious. Polaberry has clearly put a lot of thought and care into their products and delivery from them is sure to brighten anyone’s day. You can order to pick up from the shop yourself or for delivery within Amsterdam on their website.

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