Foreign Visitors Could Be Banned From Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Foreign Visitors Could Be Banned From Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops

Non-residents could be banned from coffee shops altogether.

In the past authorities have spoken about banning non-residents, and even non-citizens from Amsterdam’s coffee shops. However, this time the city’s Mayor, Femke Halsema, has put forward proposals to stop non-residents from entering the coffee shops, starting next year.

The proposal has not yet been approved and people have mixed opinions on it. Coffee shop owners will see fewer customers, should this come into effect. However, the mayor argues that the industry is linked in part to organised crime. Subsequently, the mayor argues that the ban would reduce crime in the city. Contrastingly, some coffeeshop owners argue that it will simply drive people onto the street where they will buy marijuana illegally.

58% of foreign tourists consume marijuana when they come to the city, according to one study. Nobody is certain how this could impact business and the economy. However, cities like Maastricht and Den Bosch have passed similar bills in the past, although the atmosphere of Amsterdam is pretty unique.


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