8 Exciting Experiences We’re Eagerly Anticipating In Amsterdam In 2021

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8 Exciting Experiences We’re Eagerly Anticipating In Amsterdam In 2021

2021 has to be better than 2020.

This year has been terrible, let’s just be honest. The world has reeled under the pressure of a global pandemic and many cities, including Amsterdam, have had to endure lockdown. It hasn’t been easy but we’ve managed to deal with the situation and the new year promises to bring us lots of lovely experiences. Nobody can predict what will happen in 2021. However, Amsterdam has begun to roll out the vaccine and we have our fingers crossed that the year ahead of us will be better than the last.

1. The tulips in bloom

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January 16 marks National Tulip Day and it’s impossible to overstate the importance of these beautiful flowers in bringing joy to Amsterdammers.¬† It seems unlikely that we’ll be picking our own tulips from the flowerbeds at Dam Square this year but we can still enjoy the tulips in bloom and celebrate the springing of the year.

2. Getting to re-do the Summer

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The climate in Amsterdam is such that, when the sun does come out, we all want to be in it immediately. Sitting with your friends all day in the sun is a classic Summer activity for a reason. This year we’re hoping that things will be different. If we get to August without fewer hitches than last year, we might even be able to celebrate Pride! Remember those heady days of going to a bar and actually dancing? We’re so looking forward to it!

3. Celebrating NYE in the Summer

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Could we celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Summer instead? Well, The VCP, which is the umbrella organisation that oversees several Dutch trade unions, thinks that it might raise spirits. Let’s all hope and pray in 6 months we’re able to once again celebrate this beloved marker of the New Year. Read more about it here.

4. May’s multitude of Bank Holidays

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Most of the country’s Bank Holidays fall in May, making it the best month, obviously. So if you’re already mourning the loss of the festive period then cheer up, because we’ve only got a few months to go until May!

5. Amsterdam Light Festival

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Every year, artists who work with lighting transform and illuminate the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Last year, the Light Festival went digital, which meant that visitors could listen to information on the pieces via Whatsapp. This year we’re hoping that the Light Festival will go ahead. We have until November for things to improve so that the festival can happen, so there’s definitely a possibility of it happening still.

5. Dining in the dark

This fantastic gastronomic experience takes place in a darkened restaurant in the city. Attendees get to choose between delicious fish, meat or vegetarian options and then eat them in the dark. People are on duty to help everyone get to their tables and enjoy the experience. Plus, it is said that not being able to see the food intensifies the taste and smell.

For more details, or to buy a ticket, visit the Fever website here.


6. Eating at restaurants

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2020 was very difficult for the restaurant industry, and at times restaurants have been closed altogether. However, Amsterdam is still a big player in the culinary world. Amsterdam currently has 16 Michelin Star restaurants and the food they serve is (obviously) delicious. Amsterdam has some of the best restaurants in the world and they have endured one of the toughest challenges that the restaurant industry has ever faced.

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7. Going to the theatre

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Amsterdam’s theatres have been through hard times this year as well. However, Dutch theatre will endure because it is very much a part of the city’s identity. Before we know it, we’ll all be enjoying a show. If you can’t wait that long then you can always stream performances from the National Theatre’s website here.

8. Candlelight concerts

This year will Copenhagen will host its first candlelight concerts and they promise to be amazing experiences. Surrounded by flickering candles, attendees can watch and listen as phenomenal classical musicians play the works of Chopin, Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven. There’s nothing else quite like it.

To buy a ticket, visit the Fever website here.

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