Amsterdam’s Set To See A Warm September With Temperatures Above 20°C

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Amsterdam’s Set To See A Warm September With Temperatures Above 20°C

We definitely deserve a second summer!

August in Amsterdam usually brings high temperatures of around 21.6°C, and we’ve certainly seen a mish-mash of weather this summer, good and bad. However, come September, temperatures cool to highs of around 18.2°C, and that’s just how it is in the Netherlands. We don’t expect sunny or warm weather in autumn.

This year has been anything but ordinary, though, and the weather could be about to surprise us with a nice warm spell this September. Accuweather projects consistently warm weather throughout September, with all but the last week reaching a balmy 20°C. We could even see highs of 22°C on some days, so don’t give up on summer yet!


Technically, autumn begins on September 1, but we’re hoping that the weather forecasters are correct and that we can eke out a few more weeks of summer before it gets too cold. However, the 22°C days aren’t necessarily going to be dry days. We all expect rain from time to time (or all the time). This is the Amsterdam, after all. So, why not check out our list of exciting rainy day activities in Amsterdam, and admire the warm weather without getting wet?

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