You Can Order Indulgent Vegan Junk Food From This Colourful Joint In Amsterdam

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

You Can Order Indulgent Vegan Junk Food From This Colourful Joint In Amsterdam

This place serves happiness on a plate and we’re not even exaggerating.

Vegan Junk Food Bar serves the cutest, prettiest and juiciest vegan food. It’s the kind of food that has you salivating as soon as you’ve placed your order. The kind of food that you can’t stop eating even when you’re uncomfortably full. Plus, it’s all plant-based. And no, that doesn’t mean chewing on a soggy bit of asparagus, it means eating indulgent and creative vegan junk food. Their vegan burgers rival the best meat burgers on offer in Amsterdam. [Photos: @veganjunkfood on Facebook]

Vegan food has changed so much in the past few years. Anyone who has ever been served a plate of plain potatoes before whilst their friends enjoyed something tasty will have yearned for something vegan and tasty. Now seitan, tofu and beyond meat products are available in lots of supermarkets and restaurants, but getting it to taste great is something that takes expertise – expertise that Vegan Junk Food Bar has in spades.


Whatever you’re craving, this place has something for you. In the mood for fish and chips? You can order a huge portion from Vegan Junk Food Bar. If faux fish isn’t your thing then the vegan shawarma has that meaty taste, and a side of rainbow fries will not only taste amazing but look phenomenal on your plate. In fact, everything looks phenomenal on the plate. Bright pink sauces, colourful buns and beautiful coconut-based ice cream create such joyful plates of food that you can’t help but be impressed when it all arrives.

Express boxes offer a lovely selection of vegan fare, for €22.50 you get a box filled with ribs, chicken strips, fries, sauces and drinks and you can view the menu here. You can order via the Thuisbezorgd website, then just sit back and await the arrival of some tasty, tasty vegan food.

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