This Place Serves The Best Vegan Cheese In Amsterdam • Mr and Mrs Watson

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This Place Serves The Best Vegan Cheese In Amsterdam • Mr and Mrs Watson

Warning: Reading this will make you hungry.

We asked our Instagram followers where does the best vegan food in Amsterdam and people’s love for Mr. and Mrs. Watson came through loud and clear! Vegan food has come a long way in the past few years. Things have changed a lot since the days of soggy, unseasoned tofu and now virtually anything can be made vegan. Moreover, anything that can be made vegan can be made to taste amazing, and this place really knows how to make vegan food delicious. [Photo: Watsonsfood.com]

Mr And Mrs Watson serves amazing, gourmet vegan food, including the most delicious burgers. Most of the burgers are whiskey smoked, giving them a deep, fiery flavour. The ‘meat’ is tender, very rich in flavour and seasoned beautifully, and their buns are lovely and fluffy.

Plus, their vegan cheeses are definitely not to be missed. Their vegan faux goats cheese dip is to die for, and the prosecco cheese fondue will put you into a food coma, it’s so good. We have yet to find anywhere else that serves vegan cheese as good as the cheese at Mr And Mrs Watson – they’re faux dairy geniuses.


Moreover, their faux-dairy genius doesn’t end once you’ve gobbled up your main course. Desserts include vegan creme brulee and vegan vanilla cheesecake. I mean, how does one even make a vegan creme brulee taste so good? Seriously, you will not regret ordering from here, and you can even add some vegan beers or soft drinks to your order. Check out their website to see the menu.

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