Here’s How To Get Your Free Bulbs For Tulip Season In Amsterdam

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Here’s How To Get Your Free Bulbs For Tulip Season In Amsterdam

We can’t wait to see those springtime colours!

Every year Amsterdammers are encouraged to plant tulips, and last year 300 people accepted free tulip bulbs to plant around their gardens, windowboxes, and homes. At a time of relative isolation, when we were still living under far heavier restrictions than we are today, it brought the streets of Amsterdam together.

You could see the results in some residential areas where the beautiful flowers began to bloom in March, and autumn is the right time to start planting bulbs again in preparation for the spring. So, this year Tulip Festival Amsterdam which used the motto ‘a tulip for every Amsterdammer’ will be back, and better than ever!

Amsterdam Tulip Museum wants to give away 10,000 free bulbs – a packet for each Amsterdammer whose application is accepted. Through Tulip Festival Amsterdam the museum will be donating 35 bulbs per person, given that the applicant’s circumstances fit the bill, and the variety of tulips is stunning. This ‘New Santa’ variety has a vibrant red colour with a gorgeous white fringe at the top of the petal.


Tulips tend to live for around 2 years before they bloom, so we won’t be seeing these red tulips this spring. Instead, we’ll be seeing last year’s incredibly vibrant orange tulips and we can’t wait! To apply for some tulip bulbs please read the information on tulpfestival.com to see whether or not this initiative is right for you. Supplies of bulbs are not unlimited so you should check the guidelines first before applying or your application may be rejected. 

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