8 Spots To See Beautiful Flower Fields In The Netherlands And When To Visit

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8 Spots To See Beautiful Flower Fields In The Netherlands And When To Visit

The country is a flower lover’s paradise.

Everyone who has ever visited Amsterdam in the Spring and Summer has seen the amazing tulips, and they’re so vibrant that they’ve long since been a symbol of the city. However, the magic of the Netherlands doesn’t stop there. You can see hundreds of different flower varieties here, from gorgeous purple heather in the Summer to beautiful cherry blossom in the Spring. Here are our favourite places to see stunning flowers in the Netherlands:

1. Sallandse Heuvelrug

At Sallandse Heuvelrug you can see beautiful fields of blooming, purple heather in late August and it’s well worth the trip. You can feel like Kathy and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights on the West Yorkshire Moors, because it really is reminscent of that amazing landscape. However, it’s the Netherlands so your legs will be less tired from climbing hills all day. 

2. Canna and Perennial Nursery Van Haaster

These beautiful, red flowers are native to tropical climates, but they are also grown right here in the Netherlands by Canna and Perenial Nursery Van Haaster. They bloom from June all the way through to October and they’re not the only flowers you can see at the nursery. They offer guided tours to get in touch via the website if you’d like to go and visit these beauties.

3. De Groene Bollenschuur

These beautiful flower fields are almost always in bloom, with rows and rows of different flowers to appreciate. You can even stay here because De Groene Bollenschuur is a bed and breakfast, and the rooms are lovely. The alliums bloom in early June and they look spectacular.

4. Sassenheim

If you want to see fields of gorgeous daffodils then Sassenheim and Lisse are your best bet, and they bloom from mid March until mid April. It’s literally where North and South Holland meet, and there are so many amazing cycle paths that take you through this area. It’s really worth making a day out of it, and you can cycle past Keukenhof too to get to Sassenheim and Lisse. Check out these cycle path maps if you fancy it.


5. Drenthe

From mid June until early August you can see fields of gorgeous poppies growing in Drenthe, and that’s not the only reason to visit. The national park is expansive and incredible, with plenty of space for everyone to wander around amidst nature and relax.

6. Granny’s Bouquet

This stunning little lavender farm is located in the little village of Stroe, just an hour away from Amsterdam if you’re driving, and you can smell the fragrant lavender as you approach. It’s a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, and there’s a lovely little tearoom where you can sit and relax. Plus, you can actually take some lavender home, and if you dry it then you can savour that lovely scent all year round. Visit the website to read more about the farm.

7. Amsterdamse Bos

There are over 400 cherry trees in Amsterdamse Bos, donated to Amsterdam by the Japanese Women’s Club in 2000. Each and every one of the trees has a name, and this amazing park has to be the best spot in Amsterdam to see the gorgeous cherry blossom.

8. Keukenhof

We couldn’t leave this magical place off the list. Keukenhof is just outside of Amsterdam and in the Springtime it’s packed with hills and dales of amazing tulips. There are so many eye-catching arrangements here, and you can find tons of information on this place via the website.

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