8 Spanish Restaurants In Amsterdam That Will Take Your Tastebuds To The Med

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Writer

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Spanish food is anything but pretentious, and that’s what we love about it. Whether it’s a simple bocadillo de calamares, a rustic paella, or some delicious toasted bread topped with tomatoes and olive oil and enjoyed at breakfast time, the secret to great Spanish food is fresh, quality ingredients. Amsterdam has plenty of Spanish restaurants but not all are created equal, so we’ve created a quick guide for you on where you can find quality Spanish food in the city and savour the deliciousness of amazing Mediterranean cuisine.

1. Barceloneta

đź“ŤKinkerstraat 228, 1053 EN

If you’re craving tasty Catalan food then you can count on Barceloneta to deliver. They source their line-caught fish from the Mediterranean and their beef, cream and butter from the Pyrenees. Here you can order from an a la carte menu or try one of two tasting menus. One contains meat and the other is completely vegan. Visit the website to view the menu and reserve a table.

2. Ibericus

đź“ŤHaarlemmerstraat 93, 1013 EM

Fancy a glass of wine with some delicious Iberican jamon? Ibericus Deli ain’t cheap but it’s the place to go if you want to feel like you’re in Madrid, eating the finest ham around. You can opt for the creme de la creme – Iberico Bellota, which is only fed acorns for the last months of its life, but you can also opt for something cheaper and it’ll still taste great.

3. Sagardi

đź“ŤSpuistraat 304, 1012 VX

Eating at Sagardi is like a real-life trip to the Basque country. Whether you’re after a txuleton steak or favour the flavours of Basque seafood, this place will leave you feeling satisfied and planning your next visit. Check out the website to read the full menu and book a table.

4. Duende

đź“ŤLindengracht 62, 1015 KJ

Duende claims to be the oldest tapas bar in the Netherlands, and it’s certainly very busy because people love the food here. On a sunny day, you can take advantage of the large terrace and the food is delicious. Here they have huge a tapas menu including Spanish classics like calamares, croquetas de bacalao alongside plenty of vegetarian dishes like tortilla de patatas and berenjena frita. You can’t book a table after 7 pm but you can read the full menu on the website and also enjoy some flamenco here too!

5. Tia Rosa


đź“ŤReguliersgracht 11, 1017 LJ

Like most good restaurants, Tia Rosa can get very busy, and the food is not necessarily styled in the most traditional Spanish manner. However, the flavours of Spain are most definitely there and it’s a great place to enjoy some Spanish dishes in a very central location with friends. You can read the menu and book a table via the website.

6. Pata Negra

đź“ŤUtrechtsestraat 124, 1017 VT

From the tiled signage above the door to the legs of jamon hanging from the bar this place feels very Spanish from the moment you see it. The food is pretty traditional Spanish comfort food, from across the country. You can order traditional cocido, octopus gallega, sepia plancha and plenty of other dishes that instantly evoke memories of being in Spain. The full menu is on the website, where you can also book a table.

7. Mamas & Tapas

đź“ŤHugo de Grootplein 6, 1052 KW

Mamas & Tapas is a really friendly, comfortable place to enjoy some tasty Spanish food. It’s not 100% traditional, but then neither is a lot of the food you’ll find in Spain. The chef has put their own spin on traditional dishes and the result is really delicious. It’s a fantastic place for vegetarian food because the veggie menu is so vast, including dishes like croquetas de setas and espinacas con garbazons. Check out the website to read the full menu.

8. Pacomer

đź“ŤGerard Doustraat 66, 1072 VV

This lovely little deli isn’t technically a restaurant but it does serve some amazing Spanish food. It literally smells of Spain as soon as you walk through the door, and you can even order tapas for delivery or take-out. From Spanish cheeses and meats to olive oil, this place stocks food that is an absolute treat for the senses, and you can read more about it on the website.


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