Keith Haring’s Famous Mural On The Cold Store Building Is Now A Monument

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Keith Haring’s Famous Mural On The Cold Store Building Is Now A Monument

It was re-discovered in 2018.

The Cold Store was built in the 1930s to help the city better regulate food distribution to its citizens, and in 1986, when artist Keith Haring was spending time in Amsterdam he decorated the side of the building with a huge mural. [Photo: Shutterstock]

It measures 15 by 15 metres, making it the second-largest public mural in Europe, but after the mural was covered with insulation panels 3 years later, it lay hidden for years.

It was only uncovered in 2018, after nearly 30 years behind those insulation panels, as part of a campaign by Dutch graffiti artist Mick La Rock. This masterpiece was apparently very difficult for Keith Haring to complete, and he painted it just 4 years before his death.


Back then, Keith Haring’s work was big in New York City, and this mural brought a taste of The Big Apple to Amsterdam. Generally, he painted in colour around that time but his work on the Cold Store was simply painted in white, creating a beautiful and striking contrast between the paint and the brown bricks.

The mural was restored in 2020, and now it has been designated as a monument by the municipality. Hopefully, it will be there for a long time to come so that Amsterdammers and visitors from other areas alike can enjoy it.

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