10 Incredible Women Artists From Amsterdam To Follow On Instagram

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

10 Incredible Women Artists From Amsterdam To Follow On Instagram

Amsterdam is an art-lover’s paradise.

It’s International Women’s Day on March 8 and we wanted to honour the women artists of Amsterdam who pour their creative souls into producing breathtaking artwork. Whether you’re into beautiful watercolour landscapes of the city, thought-provoking fine art or graffiti-style artwork using layers of acrylic for an amazing textured effect, the women artists of Amsterdam have produced it, are producing it or will produce it – just watch this space! [Photos: @lmw.art.studio/@CristinaCasillasArt]

1. @astrokeofcamilla

Camilla Ståhl’s Instagram feed is full of bold, yet delicate sketches and watercolour paintings of Amsterdam. If you want to see your favourite places re-imagined in vibrant colours then you should definitely follow Camilla’s account.

2. @cristinacasillasart

We could stare at the crisp lines of Cristina Casillas’ artwork forever and never get bored. Detailed brickwork and shadowing shows the streets of Amsterdam in the most beautiful light and her account is definitely worth following.

3. @natalieotalora

Natalie Otalora creates artwork that we’re sure you could see from space, and we love it! If you want to see mixed media used to create bold, vibrant and cheeky pieces then you need to follow Natalie.

4. @elinemartherus

You’ve probably seen Delftware, but have you seen Eline Martherus’s use of the colour blue? She uses blue tones expertly, with warmer beige tones and negative space to create such fantastic, multi-dimensional pieces. You need Eline’s account on your feed, that’s for sure!

5. @samschulzstudio


Samantha Schulz plays with light in the most fascinating way, using mixed media with layer upon layer of iridescent paints she creates artwork that is always different, depending on the light and perspective from which you view it. Her account will definitely dazzle you.

6. @babramov.art

Bodine Ester is a tattooist by trade, but she posts photos of the artwork she produces outside of work on her Instagram account. Her oil paintings are so impressive because the colours are so bold without compromising the soft, natural feel of delicate features like hair and fabric.

7. @iris_kensmil

Iris Kensmil uses her incredible talent to illuminate and bring to the fore black history, and to ask questions about the role of identity both historically and in our modern society. Her artwork has been exhibited plenty of times in the Netherlands, but you can follow her on Instagram to see the amazing artwork she has produced, too.

8. @jitskeschols

Jitske Schols won the Dutch National Portrait Prize and her detailed portraits really draw the eye. If you’re interested in seeing her artwork in the flesh, you can book an appointment to view ‘Shreds of Eve’ (pictured above) on her website, and her Instagram account is well worth following.

9. @edskea

Laura Wesson’s bold and vibrant artwork is so impressive. The rich colours and expert use of light draw you in, and better yet you can watch her create her amazing digital artwork on her Instagram account.

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