The Most Colourful And Instagrammable Spots in Amsterdam

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The Most Colourful And Instagrammable Spots in Amsterdam

The perfect spots for gorgeous snaps.

Sometimes you just want to take a pretty photo and upload it to Instagram, but with the sheer amount of accounts vying for attention on this social media platform, those photos have to stand out to be noticed. People have been taking photos of themselves with beautiful backdrops since photography was invented, so it’s nothing new. We just use social media to share those photos now instead of sitting in each other’s front rooms, looking at photo albums. So, if you’re looking for some exciting places to enjoy yourself and also take some eye-catching photos, look no further.

1. Bloemenmarkt


Bloemenmarkt is the only floating flower market in the world, and it’s insanely photogenic, especially in the Springtime when it comes alive with thousands of gorgeous flowers. You don’t have to create a backdrop, or position anything, just snap some photos and they’ll turn out great.

2. Katten Kabinet

The Katten Kabinet is literally just rooms and rooms filled with paintings of cats, and who doesn’t like cats? It’s also really elegant and furnished beautifully so if you want to look fancy in your photos, this is the place to take them. Oh, and there are real-life cats everywhere too. It’s not open yet because of the pandemic measures, but you can keep up to date on their website.

3. Hortus Botanicus

Amsterdam’s botanical gardens are breathtakingly beautiful, and we’re hoping that they’ll re-open soon so we can all take some stunning, foliage-filled photos. Check out the website to see more about De Hortus.

4. Moco Museum

This place is packed to the brim with through-provoking artwork and filled with amazing decorative features. Instagrammers flock here to marvel at the amazing artwork and take selfies in otherworldly surroundings. Check out the website to book your visit.

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5. Amsterdamse Bos

The cherry blossom is beginning to fade now, but in the Spring this is the place to photograph. There are 400 cherry blossom trees that look phenomenal when they’re in bloom and as soon as they begin to bloom Instagram is flooded with gorgeous photos of them.

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6. Damrak

These characterful, wonky houses are a favourite amongst Instagrammers because they are so emblematic of Amsterdam, and if you head down to Damrak Street you’ll find this beautiful, photogenic spot by the canal.

7. Magere Brug

In the evening Magere Brug comes alive with hundreds of little fairy lights and it looks so romantic. That’s why so many Instagrammers come here to take romantic photos with their partners, especially in the winter when the snow and ice reflect the fairy lights in the prettiest way.

8. Lomanstraat

Over time these gargantuan trees on Lomanstraat have grown together, leaning in to create a beautiful, natural arch that is a pleasure to walk through. We were obsessed with photos of this place in the winter, but it’s about to get really leafy and green this summer and we can’t wait for that either!

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