Turn Your Kitchen Into Paradise With Cocktail Deliveries From The Flying Dutchmen

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Turn Your Kitchen Into Paradise With Cocktail Deliveries From The Flying Dutchmen

Tasty cocktails requiring zero effort.

People have been guzzling booze throughout lockdown as though we’re about to enter prohibition and when you’ve had a stressful week at work there’s no way you’re going to come home and craft yourself an exquisite cocktail. Until vodka and coke counts, and we’re pretty sure it doesn’t. However, you can take the shortcut and have a professional mixologist from Flying Dutchmen Cocktails craft you some cocktails, then deliver them to your house. [Photos: @flyingdutchmencocktails/Facebook]


Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we promise it is true, and it’s even better than it sounds! There’s no better way to feel like you’re on holiday right now than drinking a delicious, ice-cold, tropical cocktail that you literally just have to pour into your glass. That’s the best bit, you see – whereas some companies will deliver cocktail kits for you to make your own cocktail, Flying Dutchmen Cocktails do it all for you. The cocktails come in air-tight bags which you can just store in your fridge or freezer and pour at will. Plus, there’s some fancy decoration enclosed so you can easily make it look 100% cocktail bar legit.

It’s €35 per box, and they can be delivered every 2 weeks. Each box contains 3 cocktails and there’s more than enough for several glasses from each bag. What arrives depends on what the team has been working on recently. They love experimenting with new flavours but know how to make it appealing to everyone, not too niche. One of their most interesting cocktails recently was the Sleeping Bison-tini, including bison Grass vodka, pear and apple juice, chamomile tea, apricot liqueur and Lara Kruskovac liqueur. To find out more about the service and to order a box yourself, visit the website.

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