You Can Order Dessert Chocolate Fondue Boxes And We’re Drooling

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

ron gastrobar at home chocolate fondue

As soon as lockdown number one was announced what feels like a million years ago Ron Gastrobar adapted and began offering delivery of delicious, Michelin-star Indonesian food. The good news is that you can still order delicious dinner boxes from Ron Gastrobar At Home, and the even better news is that you can also order an incredible selection of tasty treats too!

The one box that really stands out to us (because we can’t resist the sweet stuff) is the chocolate fondue box. It’s called ‘Dessert Chocolate Fondue For Kids’ but we adults definitely deserve a bit of indulgence right now too! You can order the box to be delivered if you’re prepared to wait a bit longer before you get it or you can order for pickup and swiftly grab one from the restaurant.

chocolate fondue delivery
Photo: @rongastrobarathome/Facebook

In the box is a sumptuous chocolate sauce, which you can either prepare the ‘lazy’ way or ‘like a pro’. Either way sounds pretty easy to us though, so there’s not a lot of preparation involved in this at all. Then you get to dip a selection of delicious things into the chocolate.


Included are Dutch mini pancakes, chocolate pie, cannoli and marshmallows, strawberry puffs, bacon, meringues, cookie mix, and more. With a grand total of 15 different things to coat in chocolate, this box is sure to go down a treat with any chocoholics. Check out the website to order and read more about the box.

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