Snooze Your Way To Zurich On The Night Train From Amsterdam Once Again

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Snooze Your Way To Zurich On The Night Train From Amsterdam Once Again

Fancy a weekend break?

For a grand total of five long years, we’ve waited for the night train from Amsterdam to Zurich to run again, and now we’re in luck because it re-starts December 12. So whether you’ve got family members in Switzerland or just want to explore the beautiful city of Zurich you can now opt for the comfiest sounding train journey instead of standing in an airport for hours.

It’s not just Zurich on the cards either, the train goes through stops such as Arnhem, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf too. Whether you’re after budget seats or a bit of luxury, there’s room on board for all tastes. You can opt to sit in an ordinary train seat (much comfier than a bus but not the best for napping) or go for a reclining seat for some extra cash.

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Then there are the sleeping carriages, which sound fantastic. If like me, you appreciate a bit of comfort and you’re starting to get those aches that kick in in your late twenties then the sleeping carriages are definitely for you. A seat in one will set you back €90 though, which is significantly more expensive than the reclining carriages (€50) and the seated carriages (€38). However, it’s probably still cheaper than the usual plane ticket from Schiphol to Zurich.


Plus, in the sleeping carriages, you get a private bathroom, and breakfast is included. These trains will leave every day at 8.30 pm from Amsterdam and you can book tickets on the NS International website. Bon voyage!

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