Snooze Your Way To Venice And Vienna On A Night Train From Amsterdam From October

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Snooze Your Way To Venice And Vienna On A Night Train From Amsterdam From October

Everyone’s catching on to this greener way of traveling.

If you went back to the 1980s and told everyone that trains would become the preferred method of traveling for many people over the convenience of flying, nobody would believe you. Sure, there have been intercontinental trains for a long time, and people love a good train ride, but when you want to get from A to B and you don’t have a lot of time to spare, the airport can look more appealing than the train station.

However, nowadays plenty of people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and utilising trains over planes is a great way of doing that. Plus, with plenty of hoops to jump through in airports during the pandemic before everyone files onto the plane, the idea of having your own compartment on a train sounds great.

Amsterdam has great rail connections, and from October 15 we can expect another addition, but these are very different from your bog-standard commuter trains. These new, comfy sleeper trains will run twice a week to each destination from Breda, Rotterdam Central, Amsterdam Central, The Hague HS, Arnhem Central, and Utrecht Central.


GreenCityTrip.nl are responsible for these new train services and they’ve provided a list of dates and destinations, including Prague, Venice, Milan, and Vienna. The website states that the trip from the Netherlands to these destinations will take around 5 days:


‘You depart from the Netherlands in the evening by boarding at your chosen station. No passport controls, long queues, or checking baggage in. Spend the evening in your coupe while enjoying a snack and a drink. After this, a comfortable bed awaits you. The next morning you get off the train well-rested.”

Sounds good to us! Tickets start at €199 and that price also includes a hotel room at your final destination so you can get yourself settled in the city straight away. You can find all of the information on when these trains will depart and start planning your trip via the website.

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