Adventures Await As The Night Train From Amsterdam To Prague Returns

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Adventures Await As The Night Train From Amsterdam To Prague Returns

We can’t wait to see the world again.

There is nothing more exciting than watching the world pass by through the window of a comfortable night train, knowing that by morning you will be in a different country and ready to explore. Whilst foreign travel is not currently permitted, and things might not change for a while yet, we can still dream of days spent wandering in foreign lands, without the stress of an airport and a packed aeroplane.

Amsterdam has not been on the route of international night trains since 2016, and we reckon it’s high time that they returned to our city. So, we were very pleased to hear that the international night trains will return to Amsterdam from April 2022, which will hopefully give us plenty of time to prepare for international travel again. The company European Sleeper has not yet confirmed fare prices but they have suggested that prices will be competitive, to encourage people to go by train, rather than fly.

Photo: www.europeansleeper.eu

This new route will pass through Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Dresden, and Prague, and other towns and cities, three times a week. Passengers will be able to reserve a seat, or splash out on a private compartment to catch some sleep before a new city awaits in the morning. Free coffee and WiFi will be offered because in this day and age you can travel across different countries in actual comfort, and with modern conveniences.


Before the pandemic there had been plans for a night train to run between Amsterdam and Vienna, but that all came to nothing due to when Covid-19 hit the continent. It was disappointing for many, but now we have something to look forward to – a new road to travel once we have emerged from the pandemic, and we couldn’t be more excited!

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