This Italian Restaurant Makes Delicious Pasta In An Entire Wheel Of Cheese • Tozi

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Writer


It’s hard to imagine life without pasta because it’s everywhere. From Amsterdam to Alaska you can find this delightful, carb-loaded Italian staple and people can’t get enough of it. You don’t have to travel to Italy to taste excellent pasta, and Tozi in Amsterdam certainly proves that.

At Tozi you can find the most indulgent pasta dishes alongside lighter, fresher tasting counterparts, but there’s one in particular that we’re absolutely in love with. Order the tonnarelli ‘cacio e pepe’ and all of a sudden a whole wheel of pecorino cheese will appear beside your table, into which your waiter will tip some delicious tonnarelli pasta which is later seasoned with some delicious black pepper.

It’s the stuff of dreams. The hot pasta makes the pecorino cheese melt and the fact that it’s coated in the actual wheel of cheese means that it’s literally coated. They’re not stingy with the cheese here and the result is heavenly. It’s €32 and designed to share, probably because it’s literally just dairy, carbs, and seasoning and so incredibly rich. This makes it absolutely perfect for a meal out with friends.


So what can you wash it all down with? Well, there’s quite a large selection of quality Italian wines that would really cut through the delicious cheesiness of the dish. 10 of them can be ordered by the glass, including a dessert wine so you could try more than one. Then there are a few signature cocktails to choose from such as the classic Aperol spritz, or something different like the tiramisu cocktail, made with rum, Kahlua, Frangelico, vanilla syrup, and cream.

Whatever you choose to eat here, it’s going to be delicious. Everything dish, from the pizzas to the wild salmon carpaccio is made with fresh, quality ingredients, and the restaurant itself is stunning. You can find it at Koninginneweg 34, 1075 CZ, and book a table via the website where you can also read the full, mouthwatering menu.

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