People Are Paying Hundreds For Thuisbezorgd Raincoats

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People Are Paying Hundreds For Thuisbezorgd Raincoats

Some suggest that people will use them to avoid a curfew.

This afternoon (Wednesday) the cabinet is likely to announce a curfew, meaning that people will not be allowed to leave their houses between 8pm and 4am. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances. For example, it is believed that walking your dog will be a good enough excuse to be seen out of the house after curfew. De Telegraaf suggests that people may start to borrow one another’s dogs in order to get out of the house on an evening. If they’re correct then we’re about to have some very healthy dogs in Amsterdam! [Photo: posted on Facebook Marketplace 20/01/2021]

Posted on Facebook Marketplace on 20/01/2021

However, according to De Telegraaf, this isn’t the only step that people may take to avoid adhering to curfew. Online several advertisements have popped up selling Thuisbezorgd raincoats to the highest bidder. It seems that in the Hague people are spending up to €300 on these coats and in Amsterdam, they are being advertised for €250 too.


Posted on Facebook Marketplace on 20/01/2021

We’re sure that people have their reasons for buying these raincoats, but the amount of Thuisbezorgd raincoats that have been advertised in the past 24hours far outnumber those advertised in previous weeks. Thuisbezorgd is not happy at all with this new craze and Marktplaats is removing these advertisements from their website. It’s not even clear yet whether delivery drivers will be exempt from the curfew but these raincoats seem to be selling very quickly indeed.

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