5 Indulgent Treats From Local Businesses That You Can Have Delivered

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer


If you enjoyed popping out for a sweet treat after work at one of your favourite cafes or cake shops then we feel for you, because the new measures have pretty much put an end to that. However, you can still have indulgent treats delivered from Amsterdam businesses that are already used to adapting to restrictions after the past couple of years. These amazing local businesses will deliver delicious food to your house so that you can have that evening sugar rush even when the shutters are down on the streets of Amsterdam.

1. Sweet Bob Brigadeiros

Sweet Bob is the only brigadeiro shop in Amsterdam and they’ve offered delivery throughout the pandemic, so they know what they’re doing. Brigadeiros are a popular Brazillian treat, made from butter and condensed milk. They have the texture of chewy fudge and taste absolutely heavenly. Sweet Bob offers tons of flavours such as stroopwafel or tiramisu and you can order boxes of them from the website.

2. SooTea bubble tea

Bubble tea originates in Taiwan and we’re eternally thankful that it made it over to Amsterdam because we’re addicted. You can order for delivery from Uber Eats and they also deliver doughnuts, macarons, cheesecake, cookies, and much more.

3. Cakes and chocolate from Metropolitan

Metropolitan is one of our favourite places to indulge in cakes, chocolate, and plenty of tasty coffee. It’s more or less always busy but if you order online then you don’t have to queue. Simply sit back and wait for your macarons, cannolis, slabs of delicious chocolate, and boxes of chocolate to arrive.


4. Polaberry chocolate covered strawberries

Polaberry’s chocolate-covered strawberries are to die for. You can order them in an array of different colours and styles and they make the perfect birthday present. Plus, most of it is strawberry so you can definitely count it as part of your daily fruit and veg intake, we reckon. You can order these delicious treats on the website.

5. Pancakes from Milky

Milky will deliver delicious crepes right to your door, filled with your choice of delicious options and drizzled with your choice of sauce. Plus, you can order vegan or gluten-free options so everyone can enjoy these delicious desserts. You can even order a protein pancake if that’s your kind of thing from Deliveroo.

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