Tonight Will Be Amsterdam’s Last 7pm Sunset Until March 2022

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Tonight Will Be Amsterdam’s Last 7pm Sunset Until March 2022

Summer’s officially over, guys.

Tonight (October 8), Amsterdam’s sunset will be at 7.01 pm – and it will be the last sunset on or after 7 pm until March 27, 2022! According to the tracking site Time And Date, the sun will bid farewell, making it the last of the year. October 9 will enjoy a measly 6.58 pm sunset.

Of course, days won’t be quite as short as they will be after the clocks go back, but they will get darker much faster. The next 7 pm Sunday will come just before we sacrifice an hour’s sleep for longer days on March 24, 2022, when we wave goodbye to daylight savings for another seven months.


It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing any warm weather any time soon, so it’s time to wave hello to autumn and bust out those scarves (if you haven’t already). Amsterdam is actually one of the cities in Northern Europe blessed with a lot of daylight hours, which is one of the reasons why it was named the healthiest and happiest city in the world. London, for example, had its last 7 pm sunset on September 21, and they have way fewer daylight hours than we do throughout the year.

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