Non-Essential Shops Open On Wednesday And Here Are The Rules

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Non-Essential Shops Open On Wednesday And Here Are The Rules

Make sure you read up before you head out!

From Wednesday (March 3) we’ll once again be allowed to visit our favourite non-essential shops. However, if you’re planning a huge shopping spree and some browsing then you need to know one thing – you’ll have limited time in which to shop.

Yes, shops will be open but you will have to make an appointment to visit them in person. The government website isn’t clear on how to arrange an appointment but we assume that they will be arranged via the shops’ websites or by calling the shops.

Moreover, only 2 customers per floor will be allowed into shops, and appointments must be 10 minutes long but there is no maximum length of appointment. However, newspapers like De Telegraaf have reported that shops like Action will be limiting shoppers to 10-minute slots.


There are other guidelines too. You must wear a facemask at all times whilst shopping. Plus, the 1.5 metre rule applies here so customers cannot get too close to one another. It’s not just shops like Action that will open either, from Wednesday it will be perfectly legal for hairdressers, masseurs and barbers to open. The only contact professionals who will not legally be allowed to practice their trade are sex workers. The curfew will remain in place until further notice, spanning the hours between 9 pm and 4.30 am.

You can keep up to date on the latest government guidelines here, and as usual, we will be following the Covid-19 guidelines closely to help you stay informed.

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