IKEA Will Open A Drive-Through For People To Collect Orders

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

IKEA Will Open A Drive-Through For People To Collect Orders

Who doesn’t love IKEA?

It’s true that non-essential shops are still closed, but many businesses are expecting them to re-open again soon. Once this happens it’s likely that no browsing will be allowed, but that people will be able to collect orders they’ve placed online, or by telephone.

Whilst we’re all waiting with bated breath for the announcement, IKEA has been brewing up a plan to fit their business into these possible new regulations. The huge Swedish furniture shop has announced that it is planning to have drive-throughs on-site so that those who order online can easily pick up their order at one of the stores.

IKEA has been experiencing problems recently with supply and demand. With half of the world spending most of their day stuck in the house, a lot of us have seen fit to start decorating our houses to make them comfier and happier places. When combined with issues in supply due to the pandemic, IKEA has seen an increase in demand for some of their products and they hope to solve this with their drive-through plan.


Hopefully, this plan will alleviate pressure on delivery drivers, and customers will be given a time slot in which to collect their orders. Anybody who has had a conference call interrupted by a knock at the door will appreciate this, we’re sure! And don’t worry, you won’t have to drive to pick up your orders – walking and cycling to the drive-in area should be fine, according to IKEA.

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