The Spot To Visit For Delicious Dutch Pancakes and Indulgent Hot Chocolate • The Happy Pig

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The Spot To Visit For Delicious Dutch Pancakes and Indulgent Hot Chocolate • The Happy Pig

The perfect place to pig out.

The Happy Pig is a fantastic place to indulge in some of the most delicious desserts on offer in Amsterdam, with a lovely, bright atmosphere to boot. Reading the menu is likely to make your mouth water. From delicious hot chocolate to amazing pancakes, it’s all so tempting. Firstly, you absolutely have to order one of their Dutch, rolled pancakes. Any and all of the fillings sound amazing, and you can go for savoury or sweet. [Photo: @TheHappyPig, Facebook]

Wherever possible, their ingredients are organic. In particular, you can be assured that all of their milk, cheese, bacon and eggs are organic. The pancakes are made fresh and there are a few vegan options, as well as the option of gluten-light pancake, which is made from buckwheat. If you’re going to eat a Dutch pancake then you may as well fill it with apple and cinnamon. Or perhaps a Canadian influenced filling of bacon and maple syrup.



Authentic to Dutch tradition, their pancakes are filled with buttery goodness and have an irresistible, crisp outside with a fluffy centre. They’re delicious topped with strawberries and syrup, and all of this should ideally be enjoyed with a creamy, rich hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream. Check out their website to view the menu and start craving pancakes.

The Happy Pig is currently open as normal, for takeaway only. 

The Happy Pig

Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm

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