5 Of The Best Artisan Chocolate Shops In Amsterdam Selling Scrumptious Treats

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5 Of The Best Artisan Chocolate Shops In Amsterdam Selling Scrumptious Treats

Where to get your fix of silky, sumptuous, artisan chocolate.

Artisan chocolate is one of life’s great pleasures and an indulgence that everyone should partake in from time to time. Moreover, there are plenty of places in Amsterdam to enjoy this delicious treat and here are just 5 of the best places to get your artisan chocolate fix in Amsterdam.

1. Arti Choc

📍Koninginneweg 141, 1075 CM

Arti Choc is a charming patisserie that has already been around for 23 years and only improved over time. They make the most delicious and delightful little chocolates, in the most adorable shapes. Once you’ve eaten chocolate here, you’ll be buying it for your friends and family so that they can savour the delicious flavours too. This patisserie also serves irresistible hot chocolate and you can check out the full menu on their website.

2. Patisserie Pompadour

📍Huidenstraat 12, 1016 ES

Patisserie Pompadour really is the epitome of luxury. Their handmade chocolates will have you salivating as soon as you step into the shop and spy these tasty treats behind the counter. Their perfect little truffles pop in the mouth and the filling dissolves on the tongue, creating the perfect indulgent moment. You can read more about the patisserie on their website.

3. Vanroselen

📍 Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, 2 1017DH

Vanroselen stocks only the finest artisan chocolate from across the world. Their delicious flavour combinations are like a chocolatey party on the palette and a visit never goes amiss. At the moment they are stocking adorable little, chocolate baubles so you can even decorate your home with chocolate – the behaviour of a true chocoholic indeed. Check out their website for more details.


4. Chocolátl

📍Hazenstraat 25-A, 1016SM

Chocolátl takes a lot of pride in the way that their chocolate is sourced. They believe in paying farmers and producers fairly and they stock chocolate from every cocoa-growing country in the whole world. The shop is like a who’s who of chocolate sources, with a tempting library of bars made from cocoa beans with entirely traceable roots. If you want to know the roots of the chocolate that you’re buying then this lovely chocolate shop is for you. You can read more about the shop on their website.

5. Urban Cacao

📍Rozengracht 200, 1016 NK

📍Huidenstraat 30HS, 1016 ET

Urban Cacao makes incredible, handmade bonbons that are truly irresistible. Like Chocolátl, Urban Cacao also pride themselves on using sustainable ingredients and all of their chocolates are made from high quality, raw ingredients. Their chocolate letters make an adorable and tasty gift for anybody. Similarly, it’s always worth checking out their seasonal gifts and you can do so on their website or in-store.


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