Superspeed Zero Emission Hyperloop Trains Could Soon Connect Europe’s Cities

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Superspeed Zero Emission Hyperloop Trains Could Soon Connect Europe’s Cities

We could see these superspeed trains as early as 2030!

Imagine hopping on a train in Amsterdam and disembarking in Frankfurt half an hour later. Sounds incredible and pretty far-fetched, right? Well, this could become a reality as early as 2030, and it’s not just Frankfurt that will become a day-trip destination. Valencian company Zeleros are planning a network of unbelievable floating trains all across Europe. So, how does it all work?

Photo: Zeleros.com

Well, these beauties are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and in fact, the longest tunnels are currently being built in the Nordic countries.  They’re called hyperloop trains and they don’t run on tracks but rather through tunnels. Capsules, which act like carriages, carrying passengers from A to B, zoom through these tunnels, which are suspended above the ground.

Photo: Zeleros PR

These capsules literally levitate, using modular electromagnetic units within the capsules themselves, controlled by algorithms. At speeds of up to 1,000km/h, the capsules zoom through the tunnels, propelled by an aerodynamic propulsion system. There will be no need for a driver as they can drive themselves, and everything will run using electricity, with the aim of creating zero carbon emissions.


Photo: Zeleros PR

With much of Europe aiming to become climate neutral by the year 2050, these hyperloop trains could really help to propel the continent towards that goal. Plus, right now the prospect of air travel seems less appealing than ever. Not only is air travel bad for the environment, but it also means queueing in airports to pass through security and sometimes long waits for connecting flights. It seems that trains could be the future and connect the continent in a way that even today with all of our technological advances seems incredible.

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