5 Places To Find Delicious Comforting Hot Chocolate In Amsterdam

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

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As the winter draws ever nearer Amsterdammers begin searching for a cosy corner in which to enjoy a warming drink, and there are plenty of spots in Amsterdam to settle in with a cup of cocoa. Whether you like it on the frothier side, decorated with a good dollop of cream or literally pure melted chocolate, there’s a place for you. These are our top picks in the city.

1. Metropolitan

šŸ“Warmoesstraat 135, 1012 JB

Metropolitan is one of the cutest places to grab a hot chocolate from in the city. In the winter you can drink pure melted chocolate here and they sell so many delicious treats that you won’t know what to have with it. From stroopwafels to cannolis and basically every other baked good you could possibly ever want, everything tastes great and that’s why the place is so popular. Visit the website to read more about Metropolitan. You can even order food via the website to your house!

2. Pancakes Amsterdam

šŸ“Berenstraat 38, 1016 GH

šŸ“Prins Hendrikkade 48, 1012 AC

All other locations are temporarily closed.

Pancakes and hot chocolate? Yes, please! Some people might think that’s an excessive amount of sugar, but those people are wrong because you can never eat too much of anything here – it’s all so tasty. Every variety of pancake known to man seems to be served at Pancakes Amsterdam and if you pair one with their delicious hot chocolate you’re basically in heaven. You can read the menu on the website.

3. Chocolatl


šŸ“Hazenstraat 25A, 1016 SM

ChocolƔtl takes a lot of pride in the way that their chocolate is sourced. They believe in paying farmers and producers fairly and they stock chocolate from every cocoa-growing country in the whole world. The single source hot chocolate is therefore not only incredibly delicious but also ethically sourced. Visit the website to read more about Chocolatl.

4. Chocolate Company

šŸ“Stationsplein 17B, 1012 AB

With Sinterklaas coming up Chocolate Company have created the cutest chocolate mould that you can melt into your mug yourself. There are tons of these little chocolate melts here and it’s so fun to watch them turn into hot chocolate before your eyes. You can also buy them in little Christmas shapes, each with a different flavour profile, and they make excellent gifts. Or you could just drink them all yourself. No judgements. You can see their products on the website.

5. Patisserie Pompadour

šŸ“Huidenstraat 12, 1016 ES

If you want smooth, bubbly hot chocolate then head to Patisserie Pompadour, and while you’re there you may as well pair it with a slice of delicious cake. It would be silly not to, really. This place knows their chocolate, and there’s nothing outwardly showy about their hot chocolate but the taste is incredible. Visit the website to stare at some more photos of the delicious food.

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