This Amazing Restaurant Bakes Mouthwatering Chinese Pastries • Hoi Tin

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

This Amazing Restaurant Bakes Mouthwatering Chinese Pastries • Hoi Tin

Seriously, we’d live at Hoi Tin if they’d let us!

A couple of days ago Chinese people across the world celebrated Mid Autumn Festival, otherwise known as Moon Festival or Harvest Moon Festival. It’s the second most important day in the Chinese calendar, and similar festivals are celebrated in plenty of other Asian countries too. Traditionally, mooncakes are eaten – extremely rich and delicious pastries, decorated elaborately and often filled with lotus seed paste or red bean paste.

It’s an exciting time of the year, not least because of these delicious pastries, and our favourite place in Amsterdam to buy them is Hoi Tin. However, that’s not all you can buy here. From savoury dishes to sweet breads, this place is absolute Chinese food-heaven.


Hoi Tin is next to the beautiful He Hua temple, which we’re sure you’ll agree is an iconic building in Amsterdam, and it does this location justice by serving expertly baked food. If you visit then you have to try the mooncakes, but you should also try the incredibly light and fluffy sponge cakes. Chinese sponge cakes are so light in texture because they’re steamed, not baked, and here they really know how to make them taste great.

Then your attention will inevitably be pulled towards Hoi Tin’s irresistable Hong Kong style egg tarts. Flakey pastry surrounds a silky custard, meaning that it’s very difficult to stop eating after one tart. Fancy something savoury? Grab yourself some tasty dim sum, with a delicious array to choose from on the menu. Alternatively, if you’re after a larger meal they’ve got you covered, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan plates on offer. You can find this fantastic place at Zeedijk 122-124, 1012 BB and read the complete menu on the website.

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