Eurostar Looks Set To Run More Services From Amsterdam To London

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Eurostar Looks Set To Run More Services From Amsterdam To London

You’ll be stuffing your face with scones in no time!

People travelling to the UK collectively breathed a sigh of relief on Monday, August 2 as the rules on entering the country changed. Since that date, travellers from the EU who have has both jabs can visit the UK without having to quarantine on arrival if they test negative for Covid-19, and this couldn’t be better news for Eurostar.

Speaking to Dutch Review, Eurostar confirmed that they will be increasing the frequency of services between Paris and London this month, and the hope is that services to and from Amsterdam could be next. It can be more convenient to travel by rail than by air, and it’s better for the environment too, so countless Amsterdammers with family in the UK will be pleased by the news.


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London St. Pancras Station

However, there are still steps to be followed once you get to the UK. Visitors need to provide a Digital Coronavirus Certificate and take a government-approved Covid-19 test on day 2 of their stay. Then all your need to do is wait for a (hopefully) negative test result and a certificate confirming this result. Afterwards, you can go ahead and explore London, and our colleagues over at Secret London have written about everything and anything worth doing in the capital, so make sure to give the website a visit before you get there.

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