From Today The Curfew Will Begin An Hour Later Than Usual

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From Today The Curfew Will Begin An Hour Later Than Usual

10 is now the magic number.

The announcement that, from today (March 31), the curfew will begin an hour later, at 10 pm, will be very welcome news to many. The change is due to the start of summer time, as people start to adjust their circadian rhythms and spend more time outside in the sun.

Shops selling food and drink will also be allowed to offer takeaway to be picked up until 9.45 pm, at which point the shops must close. This will give Amsterdammers more freedom to enjoy Spring, and also give people more time to do their shopping and chores before the curfew kicks in and everybody must return home.

Apart from these two minor changes, the rules are the same as before. The only reasons for which you may be outside after 10 pm are outlined below:


  • If you have to work outside of the home during this period of time. You will need a statement from your employer to prove that. This, of course, includes food delivery workers.
  • Walking your dog. You have to keep the dog on its leash and you cannot meet up with others to walk your dog.
  • If you need medical care or need to provide somebody else with medical care. For example, if you informally care for a relative, you will still be able to do this.
  • Taking an exam as part of an educational program.
  • If you have a compelling and urgent reason to travel abroad. Remember that this is not encouraged by the government at this time.
  • A visit to court, if you have to be there.
  • If you are homeless and living outdoors.

However, in order to justify your presence out on the street after 10pm, you will have to print and sign this document. If you have any questions regarding the curfew, or if you need more information, please consult this government website.

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