6 Amsterdam Shops Selling Scrumptious Easter Chocolate

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6 Amsterdam Shops Selling Scrumptious Easter Chocolate

Where to buy eggcellent eggs.

If you’re reading this now then you’re probably panicking that it’s nearly Easter and you haven’t yet bought your Easter eggs. Well, chill out because we have you covered. These 6 fantastic chocolate shops are open and offering the most delicious, beautifully decorated Easter chocolate. They have every variety of chocolate on offer, from chocolate-covered strawberries to eggs made from individual chocolate truffles. So, chocolate-covered smiles all round.  [Photos: @huizevanwely] 

1. Polaberry

📍Prinsengracht 232

Polaberry is the place to go if you want chocolate-covered strawberries that are both gorgeous and delicious. As it’s Easter this week you can order some amazing Easter treats but you’ll have to act fast because they’re hand-made and very much in demand. These lovely Easter offerings are perfect if you want something sugary and refreshing, because the only thing better than chocolate is chocolate-covered strawberries!

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2. Vanroselen

📍Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 72, 1017 DH

Vanroselen is selling the cutest little Easter eggs, filled with delicious flavours like dulce de leche, almond and hazelnut praline and salted butter caramel. they’re all decorated beautifully and we can’t wait to start shovelling them into our faces. The smaller the chocolate egg, the more you can fit in your mouth.

3. Chocolaterie Pierre

📍 Kleine Houtstraat 1, 2011 DD

Chocolaterie Pierre have gone all-out this year, creating countless tasty treats for us all to enjoy this Easter. Whether it’s tiny chocolate eggs you’re looking for, a chocolate hen, or some luxury bonbons, they have it all and more.


4. Chocolaterie Van Dam

📍Raadhuisstraat 60, Heemstede

Chocolaterie Van Dam’s creative designs could make anybody smile, and the chocolate bunnies they have on sale right now would make the perfect gift for someone special. However, they also have a variety of other chocolatey creations that would also make perfect Easter gifts.

5. Van Velze’s

📍 Haarlemmerdijk 14, 1013 JC

Van Velze’s has a huge range of Easter chocolate on offer, ranging from smaller gifts to large chocolate eggs. The little Easter chick designs on the chocolate are so cute and perfect for bringing a little cheer to your Easter.

6. Huize van Wely

📍Beethovenstraat 72, 1077 JM

📍Gelderlandplein 173, 1082 LW

Huize van Wely creates the most beautiful Easter eggs and even delicious Easter cakes. Absolutely everything in this shops is stunning, with gorgeous decoration and amazing, shiny chocolate. If you’re after something indulgent but a bit different, a trip to Huize van Wely will make your chocolate-dreams come true.

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