Study Finds That By 2050 Amsterdam Will Have The Climate Of Paris

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Study Finds That By 2050 Amsterdam Will Have The Climate Of Paris

The climate is predicted to change across the world.

A study published by the scientific journal PLoS One and conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology calculates that climates across the world will change drastically by the year 2050. The interactive map, which can be found here, looks at 530 cities, including Amsterdam. It predicts that different areas will have differing experiences, but that 77% of cities will have different climates by 2050. Temperatures are expected to increase, mimicking those usually found 1,000 km south of each city.

We can expect the temperature in Amsterdam to be like that of Paris by 2050, according to this study. The average annual temperature will increase by 1.3°C. Similarly, the warmest month will be 3.4°C warmer than now and the coldest month will be 2.6°C warmer.

This may not seem like such a dramatic increase but here’s what it could mean for Amsterdam. August is our hottest month and temperatures average out at around 22°C, which could increase to 23.3°C, according to this study. Temperatures in February could average out at 7.6°C rather than our usual 5°C.


The study was conducted to ‘facilitate understanding of climate change on a global scale and also to help politicians and urban managers visualize the future climate in their respective cities to facilitate decision-making’. However, these changes in climate will inevitably impact us all.

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