Best Cities Website Ranks Amsterdam As One Of The Best Cities In The World

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Best Cities Website Ranks Amsterdam As One Of The Best Cities In The World

We already know how amazing Amsterdam is but it’s always nice to hear it again!

Amsterdam has reached 17th place in the Best Cities Website, putting it before a lot of neighbouring capitals like London, Dublin and even huge cities like Beijing. Whilst we’d love to have seen it at number 1, the website acknowledges the way that the culture of Amsterdam has changed over the past few years. The city was once perceived by visitors as a kind of party city, with the legalisation of cannabis and an overt Red Light District. However, this perception has shifted due to changes implemented by Amsterdam officials.

For example, the website mentions the way in which guided tours around the Red Light District have been banned. Obviously, the Red Light District still exists and some may not have noticed a difference but it seems like an attempt to rebrand the area somewhat. Perhaps people can also now see the historic importance of De Wallen and come to appreciate the area for its culture as a whole.


There have also been talks around moving, as this article calls them, ‘foreigner-friendly cannabis cafĂ©s’ to one specific area. However, this hasn’t happened yet. The website also mentions our wealth of fantastic museums like the Moco, which is filled to the brim with the work of famous, modern artists and adored by Instagram addicts for it’s amazing and photographable design. It’s no surprise that Amsterdam actually ranks 12th in the ‘best museums’ section, with the Rijksmuseum and countless other amazing spots to learn and take in Amsterdam culture around the city.

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