6 Of The Best Romantic Films On Dutch Netflix

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

6 Of The Best Romantic Films On Dutch Netflix

Relax this Valentine’s Day with these romantic flicks.

We all need a good sob from time to time. The mushy, soppy part of us is crying out for some catharsis and these films will definitely help you satiate the hopeless romantic that exists within. So why not settle down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and pour your heart out to these gems? Honestly, they’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy in about 20 mins max.

1. Always Be My Maybe

Credit: vodspy

When they were young the two protagonists were close, eventually getting up to some hanky panky, and they forgetting about it as they grow apart over time. Both are in relationships by the time they meet again as adults, but that doesn’t stop them from falling for one another all over again. The story is pretty cute and definitely worth a watch.

2. Our Souls At Night 

Credit: imdb

Addie and Louis are neighbours and both live alone as a widow and widower, having lost their spouses. Neither thinks of the other in a romantic way until they begin to spend their nights and evenings together. The two become closer and closer as their once platonic relationship becomes romantic.

3. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Credit: lololovesfilms

Lara Jean is somewhat of an introvert, and in the past when she had a crush on somebody she wrote them a letter. All in all, she’s written 5 letters to the boys she’s liked, and one day these letters get sent to those boys. To ward off the other 4 guys, she starts a fake relationship with one of them, and you can probably see by now how this could get complicated. This film is pretty funny and cute and watching it would bring a smile to anyone’s face.


4. Someone Great

Credit: thecentraltrend

Jenny is a journalist living in New York City and she’s finally received an offer to go and work for Rolling Stone magazine, which is her dream job. However, before she leaves for her new job her boyfriend leaves her, and she finds herself partying with her friends for the last time before she is due to leave for San Francisco. Their last adventure ends up taking them through a whole world of romantic antics and upset.

5. Tall Girl

Credit: firstshowing

You guessed it – this girl is pretty tall! Plus, people aren’t always kind about her height and she has spent her life thus far stooping to try and fit in. However, things change when she meets a Swedish exchange student who is even taller than her, and whom she really falls for. The typical drama of a teenage relationship ensues.

6. Love, Guaranteed

Credit: rogerebert

This is the kind of film that you watch when you’ve had a tiring day at work and you want that heartwarming kind of feeling without the tension of a faster-paced film. A lovely lawyer meets a client who wants to sue a dating website because he’s been on so many dates organised via the site but never found love. As the two spend more and more time together, love blossoms and it’s cute.

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