What Are The Chances Of A White Christmas In Amsterdam This Year?

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

white christmas amsterdam

Despite the barrage of articles from news outlets this week predicting snow in the Netherlands, no snowflakes are likely to visit Amsterdam any time soon. Not that kind of snowflake, anyway.

Instead, any snow this week is likely to fall in the centre of the country, or right at the Northern end of the Netherlands. The likelihood of any falling in Amsterdam is very slim. On Friday there’s a 12% chance of snow in Amsterdam, according to theweatheroutlook.com.

So when will we see snow?

white christmas amsterdam
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Accuweather doesn’t predict snow in Amsterdam until January 5, and even then we’re only set to see light snow. The heavy stuff won’t arrive until February 1, when we’re supposed to see 2 snow showers in one day. Fingers crossed the rain won’t wash it all away.


It’s not unusual for the snow to arrive properly in February but last year’s weather was pretty unusual as snow fell on Amsterdam from January all the way through to March. There was even a lovely thick layer to wake up to on some days.

So, to summarise: we’re unlikely to see conditions like last year’s, and it’s probably not going to snow this Christmas. However, we should see a few snow showers in the new year, although you might have to get up pretty early before it melts. Sorry guys, we wish we had better news for those snow-lovers amongst our readership. We could always get lucky with an unpredicted flurry!

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