An Incredible Gift: €4 Provides A Vaccine To Somebody In Need

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

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These past two years have been difficult for everybody and for those of us with family abroad there will likely be no physical exchange of gifts this Christmas. However, you can offer hope on their behalf because the Go Give One website offers the opportunity to gift a vaccine to somebody who is in need of one but who cannot readily access one.

This initiative was created by the World Health Organisation (those people who you probably hadn’t heard of before the pandemic but now see on TV regularly). The vaccines go to those in lower-income countries in which fewer vaccinations have been administered than in the Netherlands.


€4 gifts a vaccine to somebody and this Christmas plenty of people have opted already to gift on behalf of their loved ones. The scheme is supported by a whole host of companies, including Workday, eBay, Global Citizen, Facebook and Mastercard and all of the funds donated go to Gavi COVAX AMC, an organisation that strives to provide vaccines to vulnerable people everywhere. If you’d like to make a donation then head to gogiveone.org.

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