Dig Out The Sunscreen This Weekend As Spring Arrives Again In Amsterdam

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Dig Out The Sunscreen This Weekend As Spring Arrives Again In Amsterdam

Finally, some lovely sunlight!

Earlier this week we were hit by hail and even snow. It’s been freezing cold – the sort of weather that makes you want to stay in your house (ironically). Snow and hail can be fun to watch, but literally nobody wants to be walking around in it, especially after what has seemed like an extended Winter, and months inside during lockdown.

What we really all want is a bit of warm sun on our backs, and it seems we will be getting that this weekend! It’s set to be very sunny, and on Friday the UV index will increase to 4, meaning that we could all burn very easily after months of cold, and often gloomy weather.

So, the sun comes with a catch – there will be a lot of lobster-red Amsterdammers in the streets this weekend so make sure you have the sunscreen ready if you’re leaving the house. However, whilst the UV index rating might be high this weekend, it’s not going to be all that warm. It’s going to be around 13°C and we’ll eel a cold wind. Don’t be fooled though, you can still burn even it’s not very warm outside.


Miraculously, though, it seems as thought the Spring weather might hold up this time, and no return to freezing winter weather is predicted, which will be good news to those of us who have been ready to pack our winter coats away for at least a month now. Enjoy the sun and stay safe!

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